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Hello I am Nick Scurr Founder of the Only Official Nicks Music Promo, the business & brand that is dedicated to the promotion of artists up and down the country and around the world. I do all promotion work for free via various social media outlets. 



The story of UB40, and how this group of young friends from Birmingham transcended their working-class origins to become the world’s most successful reggae band is not the stuff of fairytales as might be imagined. The group’s led a charmed life in many respects it’s true, but it’s been a long haul since the days they’d meet up in the bars and clubs around Moseley, and some of them had to scrape by on less than £8 a week unemployment benefit. The choice was simple if you’d left school early. You could either work in one of the local factories, like Robin Campbell did, or scuffle along aimlessly whilst waiting for something else to happen.

By the summer of 1978, something else did happen, and the nucleus of UB40 began rehearsing in a local basement. Robin’s younger brother Ali, Earl Falconer, Brian Travers and James Brown all knew each other from Moseley School of Art, whilst Norman Hassan had been a friend of Ali’s since school. Initially, they thought of themselves as a "jazz-dub-reggae" band, but by the time Robin was persuaded to join and they’d recruited Michael Virtue and Astro – who’d learnt his craft with Birmingham sound-system Duke Alloy – the group had already aligned themselves to left-wing political ideals and forged their own identity, separate from the many punk and Two Tone outfits around at that time. The group had nailed their colours to the mast by naming themselves after an unemployment benefit form. Their political convictions hadn’t been gleaned secondhand either, but cemented in place whilst attending marches protesting against the National Front, or rallies organised by Rock Against Racism.

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Nicks Music Promo, Best Awarded solo musician for 2018, is Martin Jones who Hails from Cardiff wales UK,

Our Best Awarded Band for 2017 & 2018 The Underclass, a Talented Reggae band that hail from Birmingham.  

Our best Band For 2016 Was Awarded to Narrow Plains, a talented Indie rock band that Hail from London.

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Gussie Miller on the Davin & Ana TV Show USA.

Nicks Music Promo / News

published 4/4/2018

Gabby Barrett is a talented female upcoming musician that hails from USA, I discovered this talented artist with her amazing tracks such as young blood, yeh ye ye and many more few years back, I knew she was a star from day one, It was such pleasure to promote her music online & to play a small part on exposing her amazing talent. I Thank S.Underwood friend Zeta     a great result.

Gabby is also a great person to talk too, she is humble, hard working musician with an amazing naturally gifted vocal talent. Gabby also gave me great advice before I went into radio as a volunteer, so i made sure I aired her on my show as priority, Gabby's dad is also very supportive of his Daughter and was a pleasure to briefly talk to him.

All credit certainly goes to Gabby she has worked very hard on social media & live performances over the years. It shows with dedication and hard work the unsigned hardworking musicians can make it. 

Nicks Music Promo & its community of hard working musicians congratulate Gabby with her amazing performance on Americas got Talent 2018 & we all wish her an amazing future a new star is born. Gabby is always a valued member, friend of the Nicks Music Promo community. So Continue to support Gabby, on her amazing positive Journey. like and support Gabby on her official Facebook Music page.

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