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The Wight Feather Festival 2017

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Hello to all and welcome to the all new "The Wight Feather Festival" For those that do not know me, I am founder of a free online music support promotion Business running for almost 4 years.

My free services has grown over the years helping many in the music industry, On the 14th October 2017 I am launching this none profit Music Festival, to bring Community together here on the Isle of Wight, in a very special way.

All money raised will be split between two charities, Wessex Cancer, and On The Other Side Of The Screen an online local mental health charity, that offers online support to a mixture of ages. So if you need someone to talk to you will find their social

media links at the top of this page, or at the bottom in mobile phone view. 

You may ask why will this festival will be different, the tickets will be affordable and 100% of ticket sales and all money raised from raffles, donations will be fully split between both charities, and everyone from local and further afield that are involved, have gave their services, time for free. And would like to state all money handling will be looked after by the Charities involved.

So I ask all of the local community to spread the word, and keep an eye on this page as ticket prices, times and dates and location will be coming soon. 

We will have local musicians along side bands coming from Birmingham, Leeds & Wales, from Rock to Reggae its going to be a great day for great causes, Charity, Music, businesses and most important, community. I will do all i can to promote all involved during before and after the event as this is what I am dedicated to promotion. I have invited ITV News, and working on inviting BBC News & already have our local News paper county press behind us.


I also give thanks on behalf charities to Blue Line Security, that will providing licensed staff on the day & recommend their friendly professional services. And give thanks for the donations received to secure the venue & cover the cost for public liability insurance.  




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