In Hoodies

In Hoodies



self made, song writer sponge heart, deal hater big time.. naysayer no talent, sketch drawer half baked, demo recorder need a way, but a map burner dreamhead overfed semi weight neo-late shelfwarmer few and far in a ball of yarn lost, not found bit of a mess maker student of little kids mood swings, ill at ease praying with no bliss a phony, a twist angst reflector scooter lover with no license story teller got no guidance a walking talking crisis disturbed meditator hyper empatic egoist bruised by educational fists slowly fading as an occupational disease just a windmill fighter stuttering hollering whıspering communicater hoodlooking, with no diss not designned but a row of accidents all ears all ears all ears disappointment supplier speaks truth as a foreign language burns the saint keeps the wıtch black as pitch switched off at last ditch lost in the music tambourine breaker

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