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At 28, guitarist Joe Saunders has six solo instrumental albums under his belt; inspired by the unlikely combination of Stereophonics and Joe Satriani! Each album was recorded at home with the help of acoustic drum loops. Small local gigs followed, but rather than go it alone, it was time to call some friends, old and new, to form a band especially for the live performance of these instrumentals. The album recordings remained solo throughout, and will continue that way in the future. A guitarist since 1996, It took Joe ten years to catch the instrumental bug. The real journey began a further two years down the line, when a 12 month project resulted in 'Stamp a Smile on it', his first solo album. This was followed a year later by 'Holiday on the Moon', probably the most representative album to date. When work began on the 3rd album ' The Maxim List' Joe wanted a deliberate change of scenery; backing the gain off and switching to a softer sound for the most part. The resulting album thrives on its subtleties and light touch. November 2013 saw the release of his 4th album 'Solutions of Synergy'. The aim was to include every style used on previous albums but in the form of new music. 'Dorian's Mystery', Joe's 5th album was made available in August 2014. An exciting new approach and diverse tonal palette characterize this release. Bringing things up to date; 2015 release 'Loaded Question' is a real step up, with deeper compositions, refined guitar tones and improved p roduction and engineering. As for the future, well that's for another time!

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