Redhead Express

Redhead Express



Hey ya’ll, we’re the Redhead Express! We’re four sisters with a dream; a big dream. That dream involves music, family, all of you, and most importantly, God, who’s made this all possible. We left our home in Alaska seven years ago to follow this dream, spent all of those seven years doing an INSANE amount of shows (like 2000...seriously!) all over the country and practicing like maniacs.


Now here we are in Tennessee, the home of Country Music, and we’re still following our dream… Honestly, we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. That said, we want all ya’ll to join us on our incredible journey, because we still have a long way to go, and the more the merrier!


Have you ever longed for the sound of music that is real, honest- that speaks to your soul? Without the glitz and glamour- just raw beauty with exquisite harmonies, thought provoking lyrics, and melodies that take you away. Spend an evening in concert with the Redhead Express and you will be captivated by their sound, their realness, their passion and, most importantly, their heart. The 4 sister group has been touring from Alaska since 2007, performing over 2000 shows. They now reside in middle Tennessee, in the heart of America’s roots music. The music of the Redhead Express takes you back to your Roots in a way that feels fresh and new.

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