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Shining Dust is a new Electropop Music Project born in Milan in September 2013 as a new dimension of sound&language&live performance. Shining Dust was founded, developed and edited by Alessandro Vitaloni (vocals, lyrics, guitars, basses, keyboards, drum machines, sound engineering, computer/MIDI programming and iPad live set up) in collaboration with Marco Zanchet (guitars, keyboards, sound engineering). Shining Dust derives from the new wave scene / sinthpop. - 2013: Alessandro Vitaloni, after a great experience as founder and frontman of band Aqusha with which he realized an Album “Sotterranei” and performed live in some very popular Music Club in Milan like Tunnel Club and Alcatraz, founded the Shining Dust Project as a natural evolution of his previous music experiences. He started to record some tracks at the end of 2013 in his home-made studio in the name of the strong research of new sounds and mix of different music languages and genres. - 2014: Shining Dust recorded, mixed and mastered 15 original tracks and started to look for a Music Label that could appreciate his work and be helpful and available to promote and distribute his music. - 2014: Shining Dust signed a contract with Seahorse Recordings (one of the best Italian Independent Music Label) for the realization, promotion and distribution of the first Album “Mirror” that will be out in September 2015. Web Site Link Seahorse Recordings: - 2015: Shining Dust realized with “Evergreender Project” Music Label a track called “Destiny” that mix together electropop and rap music in a very original way. FacebookPageEvergreenderProject: - 2015: Shining Dust signed an agreement with “The Blog That Celebrate Itself”, one of the most important brasilian music blog specialized in shoegaze music, to realize the first personal interview and to make a New Order cover called “Truth Faith” that will be included in a New Order Tribute Compilation that will be published in August 2015 and will be distribute around the world by the Blog Promotion and Distribution Division. Shining Dust Interview Link: interview.html?spref=fb - Shining Dust signed a contract with FactoryFastRecords, a prestigious music label from NYC, to participate with 3 original tracks to a electronic compilation that will be promote and distribute worldwide by the label starting from September 2015. - 2015: Shining Dust scala le classifiche pop: N.1 ReverbNation Milan Pop Charts, N.1 ReverbNation Italia Pop Charts, INFO ABOUT SHINING DUST MUSIC As concerns the stylish – cromatic aspects, Shining Dust is a grey – blue music type just as the persuasive austerity of an iceberg in a slow and silent motion; that said, very much distant from the redish colours steaming out of narrowminded and sordid rock ignorance. In a very natural way the duo unifies many musical influences leaving out, such as unwelcomed guests, any wail and whining blues. After all the main textual message is not imperious nor self praising, but a quiet observation of some aspects that have remained forgone for too long. The type of instrument that are used and mostly the filtering of special effects are closely studied to intensify the "mind - expanding" aspect more than the "muscle – moving” one.That being said, echos, flanger, phaser and chorus prevail over distortions, fuzz and fake rock-like sounds, putting the ear attention in harmony with the mental one. In such a perfect combination there is also a voice that is deliberately without boundaries, the heart of the iceberg, the heart of a message that does not want to impose, not even itself, but to spread through sounds that will capture in a soft but unrelentingly way. The main desire and goal is to revise, expand and develop the traditional concepts of composition and musical arrangements. Thanks to the great eclecticism of the duo, the strong passion of Alessandro for the mix of various musical origins, to his great interest for ethnic music combined with electronics and his constant search for new sounds, rhythms and languages, Shining Dust begins programming on computer and iPad to create original preset drum machines, virtual effects, keyboards and ethnic instruments that are perfectly matching traces of traditional instruments like guitars and basses both during production phase and live performances. The result of all this is Shining Pad, Dusty Path and Imagine: three tracks that mix electro-pop, trip hop and EDM. Although the reference background is mainly contemporary English music, there are obvious elements of new wave, electropop and sinthpop 80s. The production process of Shining Dust music began in September 2013 with the recording and mixing of the first songs with a new wave inspiration up to the recording of more electronic songs in the last months of 2014 when Alessandro finished studying the MIDI universe. Shining Dust tracks was recorded, mixed and mastered entirely by Alessandro Vitaloni and Marco Zanchet.

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